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“Baby Mama” – Great Movie to Bad Movie in 2 Seconds Flat

One word. Dissapointment. Darn, darn, darn!

“Baby Mama,” a movie starring a couple of SNL (two former) cast members, along with Greg Kinnear was such a good movie from the beginning through 01h:06m:12s.  Then what did they go an do? At 01h:06m:14s, over an hour of getting it right on the money, (extremely funny, but without interfering in my personal life), they had to go and throw in a social-ethical jab/agenda that just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  In fact, I haven’t seen anything after about 01h:10m:00s; at that point it just seemed worthless to finish the movie.

So what was the message? Well, it was plain and clear; and I quote, “You don’t need to be married to have a kid.”  Great, super…thanks world, again for coming into my life, and shoving your skewed apathetic view of ethics down my throat.  Try sticking with acting, plot, conflict, romance, and the likes…keep your political nonsense where it belongs…BEHIND the camera lens.  In 2 seconds, Greg Kinnear ruins a very clever movie, and quite possibly the funniest thing Lorne Michaels has ever produced…at least in the last 15 years, because we all know that nobody has laughed at anything that’s oozed out of the set of SNL since the early 90’s.  What a shame.  All I can feel is dissapointment’ and that’s severely understated.  Some would say I am over-reacting, but if you take that line out of the movie, it is no worse off a flick.

Movie Trivia Question: What do you call script that can be deleted without affecting the quality of a movie? Answer: “Agenda.”  Thanks a lot Lorne Michaels…You were batting 1000, then struck out swingin when you were so close to winning.  Go ahead…do the surveys, then get back to me about which kids are more well adjusted: Kids with married parents or kids from broken homes.  Actually. don’t get back to me, I don’t need poll results to know what’s already common sense.

I am not one of the paranoid that believes the media is out to convert the world to an ethic-less society, but what’s the phrase that I now associate with the term, “Public Media?”…Yep, you guessed it, “Devil in sheep’s clothing.”  Anyone of a lesser constitution, (i.e. 99% of kids ages 13-18), would have glossed right over that phrase after an hour of being charmed, then finished the movie in oblivion, while the idea seeped into their subconscious and took root that having kids out of wedlock is “the norm.”

Darn…all I can say is bummer.  This was like eating a perfectly seasoned steak, then chasing it with Castor oil.  I just watched a movie with enormous potential get railroaded by a completely unnecessary and irrelevant political agenda. What a waste.

2 comments for ““Baby Mama” – Great Movie to Bad Movie in 2 Seconds Flat

  1. Angel
    July 22, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    Living with one caring, supportive parent vs. living with two unhappy parents who are always fighting,
    I would choose the former any day.

  2. August 6, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    When did I ever say two fighting parents is better than one good parent? Of course I would never say that, but the single parent is being championed as equivocal in modern day as having two functioning parents. This is just not the case. To use your approach to things, I would take two “decent” parents any day over one “excellent” single parent. Of course when you compare 2 horrible parents to one great parent, the choice is obvious, but that is not the case…parents these days would rather live in the lap of luxury and let the government and public school system raise their kids rather than throw away the big screen TV’s and mid-life Porsche toy. There is a much higher percentage of parents these days who have this mentality, and it is not only irresponsible, but very damaging to our children who are supposed to be our future leaders. They will not value what they should value, and that ties in to another old blog post I did about the loss of morality in America.

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